Hello! I'm Rachel How. I'm a polymath—Product Designer, Writer, Indie Maker, Community Builder. I love coffee, cats, food, design, writing, and building stuff with code.

Here are the things I'm working on now.


  • Working from home
  • Figuring things out
  • Overcoming burnout from 2020


  • Product Designer at Fave Malaysia, scaling the Fave and FaveBiz platform 🚀
  • Helping freelance clients build better products through design
  • Learning full-stack web app development


  • Growing my Rachel's Mind Garden to free creative thinking and help others while learning in public 🧠
  • Joined the Ness Labs community to get better at content creation ✍🏻
  • Working on my very own newsletter (coming soon)

Community Building

  • Solo founder behind Malaysians Who Make, a community of Malaysian creators. We're 120+ people strong on Telegram 🎉
  • I write the Malaysian Brew newsletter, featuring community updates, curated local content and expert interviews 🇲🇾


  • What do I truly want to achieve in life before I die? What is my definition of a life well lived?
  • How can I plan better towards financial independence?

Let's be friends!

You can connect with me on Twitter or check out my website.